Franz Marc - Birds

Is this how white kids who act ghetto happen

Just some sketches.

Top to bottom, left to right:
Turq, Toothless, Salv and Turq, one of my MLP OCs, the Great Ga’hoole Tree, a submission for Reddit Gets Drawn, and alpha!Toothless.

no homo


no, this is not acne. the bacteria on my face are just setting up skin ramps to do sweet motorcycle jumps off of. rock on, little dudes. rock on

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everyone stop what you are doing and watch this vine rIGHT NOW


How to Train Your Dragon 2

1st. most popular animated movie

2nd.  highest rated animated movie in history

We all know making a sequel is hard. They usually turn out a disappointed. How many sequels have managed to rank better than their predecessor? How many provided unique stories, great writing, and wonderful character development? How many animation movies have dared taking dark turns?

Thank you, Dreamworks, for such an amazing job. You made us proud.

We trust you will make the last movie an unforgettable masterpiece.

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I paused my music for this. Worth it.

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this guy fieri cake is slowly destroying my life


aone formed an unlikely friendship



Little knitted pigeon enjoying come crisps on the pavement…

I thought that only the bag of chips was knitted so I was like lmaoo fucking idiot bird got owned then I saw that the bird was knitted as well then I realized I was the fucking idiot bird getting owned